10 Outfits with 10 Pieces: How to Mix and Match Like a Pro

While travelling I’ve fit my entire life into a small carry on size piece of luggage and a small draw string day pack. That being said, I still like to look cute . So how does one maintain their style with minimal clothing options? By mix and matching key pieces to create many different outfits! I recently saw a video on YouTube by Laura Reid, which inspired me to create something similar.

For this post I used only 10 pieces of clothing (and a few accessories) to create 10 different outfits, from casual to  a bit more dressed up. The 10 pieces include:

  1. Black American Apparel body suit
  2. Nude American Apparel body suit
  3. Grey American Apparel T- shirt
  4. Black American Apparel circle skirt
  5. Black American Apparel body con dress
  6. Nude American Apparel high waist shorts
  7. Denim H&M high waist shorts
  8. Black Missguided slip skirt
  9. Black Rickys cardigan
  10. Blue Forever 21 plaid shirt

I kept the colour palette neutral and included a variety of silhouettes, from tight to oversized. This makes mixing and matching much easier because 1) The colours already match and 2) a variety of silhouettes allows for easier layering.

  1. In this outfit I used the black body suit and nude shorts, then accessorized with black thigh high socks, chunky boots and a wide rim hat.

2) Next I used the same pair of nude shorts but this time I paired  them with an oversized tee. I wore this look with tights ad sneakers for more of a casual vibe. I picked a black wide rim hat this time to work well with the black tights.

3) For my last look with these shorts I used the nude bodysuit and black cardigan. I paired the outfit with sneakers for a casual feel.

4) I used the same nude body suit for this look, pairing it with my black slip skirt from Missguided, as well as my black wide rim hat and sneakers.

5) Next I used the same black skirt and paired it with the black body suit and heeled boots for more of  dressed up look.

6) For this look I used the Forever 21 plaid buttoned up as a dress. Pairing with black tights and heeled boots you get casual look with  bit of an edge.

7) Using the same plaid shirt I went super casual in this look. I used a pair of high waist denim shorts from H&M and tied up the oversized AA T-shirt. Accessorizing with a  beanie and sneakers keeps the look super casual. You could wear the plaid if its a bit chilly, or tie it around your waist like I did here for a grungier look.

8) Next I went for a dressier look. I kept it simple with the black body con dress, tights, and heeled boots. On a chilly night I would pair this with a black cardigan for a bit of warmth.

9) I used the same black body con dress for this look, but layer the black circle skirt over it for a different silhouette.

10) For my last look I used the same circle skirt and paired it withe the AA T-shirt. I accessorized with a belt, fishnets, heeled boots, and a black wide rim hat. I think this is my favourite look out of the lot. I always feel most confident in a circle skirt.

So what do you think? Are you inspired to get more creative with your wardrobe? I know I am after shooting this post! Let me know your thoughts, I might do more of these in the future.



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