Missguided Review

So lets take it back a bit to Black Friday. I’m laying in my bed scrolling through Instagram and there are 4892629 posts about Black Friday deals. I decided to check out Urban Outfitters because I love their clothes but I don’t like paying full price. I pick out a few items and go to check out only to find out those particular items had just gone out of stock. Okay fine, I think. I pick out a few different items and place my order. All is well and good until a week later when I get an email saying my order was cancelled because the items were out of stock. Not cool Urban Outfitters, not cool. I get that Black Friday is busy,  but I was still a little peeved.

I still wanted some snazzy new clothes so I went searching online for some other reasonably priced pieces. This brought me to Missguided. I heard their name before, but I’d never know anyone who ordered from them. The first thing I noticed were the prices. I headed to the sale section (as per usual) and there was lots of stuff for under $20. I ended up picking out 4 items: a dress for NYE, a skirt, a pair of shorts and some sunglasses. It ended up being less than $75 for all four items. Score! Bonus, they offer free shipping on orders over $50 to the US and Canada.  I thought that was great because most company’s free shipping threshold is a lot higher.

I received an email right away with my order confirmation and another one 4 days later to let me know my order had been shipped and provide me with tracking information. All of my items arrived and were packed super nicely. 3 of my items were made of a satiny material that I was afraid might look a little see through or cheap looking. I was pleasantly surprised! Everything I ordered was of good quality and fit according to size. For reference I ordered all of my pieces in an extra small.

Overall I’m super happy with everything I got from Missguided. They have so much cute stuff for such a great price. I will definitely be ordering more once I’m not on such a tight travellers budget!

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