New Years Eve In Bangkok

2016 was a really rough year for the world, with a lot of terrible things happening; but on a personal note, 2016 was great. I had a great job, moved out for the first time into a cute little apartment in North end Halifax, and just recently moved halfway across the planet to pursue my dreams of travel. I was lucky enough to spend this New Years in a brand new city: Bangkok.

My New Years Eve started out at 4am. Still tightly in the grips of jet lag, my sleeping pattern is a bit messed up. My boyfriend and I decided once the sun came up we would try to see some temples before our dinner reservations in the evening. We ended up exploring Wat Pho, home of the reclining Buddha. The temple was absolutely gorgeous and worth facing the tourist crowds. Getting back to our hotel however was a bit of an ordeal. We couldn’t find a taxi so we ended up taking a tuk tuk. The tuk tuks are fun ┬áto ride in, however they are not metered so you end up paying a lot more than necessary. Of course you can (and should) negotiate for your price, but I still found them rather expensive. The driver ended up taking us to the wrong hotel and then couldn’t find our hotel at all, so we ended up getting dropped off someplace nearby and walking.

Our dinner reservations were at a quaint veggie friendly restaurant called Seven Spoons, about a 15min drive from our hotel. We made our reservations for 8 so we left the hotel at 7. Lets just say, it took us an hour and half to get to the restaurant. We were turned down by 5 cab drivers and ended up having to take a tuk tuk. The tuk tuk driver took us to the wrong place once again, but with a little help from google maps we were able to find the restaurant eventually.

I wore this super cute dress from Missguided that I ordered before Christmas. This was my first time ordering anything from Missguided and I loved everything I got! Super cute, well fitting and good quality for the price. I had originally planned on pairing it with heels and a longer necklace, but there’s only so much you can pack when you’re traveling.

Inside the restaurant was super cute. It only sat about 30 people, which was really nice. We settled in for a 6 course meal. They had a set menu for New Years, with a meat option and veggie option for each course. Normally I don’t like set menus because there’s just not enough options, but everything I ate was actually delicious. The highlights of the meal for me were the cocktail and the dessert. The cocktail was yummy and tasted like a strawberry smoothie! The dessert was basically my dream dessert, an amazing salted caramel chocolate tart. I will literally be dreaming about this tart because it was so good.

As we left the restaurant we couldn’t manage to flag down a cab, so again we hopped in a tuk tuk. This time the driver got us to exactly where we needed to be. We got back round 11, and had plans to continue our night but we were so tired we just went to bed. That’s right, I slept though the countdown. I’m alright with that though, I always found New Years a bit over hyped. That being said, this NYE was definitely an adventure, just like 2016 (and hopefully 2017)!

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