How I Style: Fishnet Tights

I remember being 13 and rocking fishnet tights like nobody’s business. This was way back in my scene kid days when I really wanted to be Audrey Kitching. Fast forward almost 10 years and I’m rocking fishnets again. This time its a little more subtle, and a lot less 2007 scene queen. Here are 3 ways I’ve been using fishnets in my looks lately.


Skirts With Over The Knee Socks

I love pairing fishnet tights with over the knee socks. Instead of getting a full leg of fishnet, you get more of a subtle peek. Bonus, it keeps you warmer in the winter! You can wear this look with the skirt or shorts of your choice.

High Waist Bottoms

I’ve seen this trend floating around lately and I think it’s pretty neat. A fresh approach to fishnet tights. Put on your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans (or shorts!) and keep your tights peeking over the waistline just a bit.

Cuffed Jeans

If you want your fishnets to look really subtle, this is probably the look for you. Put your fishnets on under your jeans and cuff the bottoms to reveal a few inches of your tights. I like this look best with a chunkier pair of shoes, but I’ve also seen it look great with heels!

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